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Contact Us

How to contact us?

via Phone

Feel free to call us for any enquires you have via phone for more personalised support.



Master Cecil Lee

HP/SMS/WhatsApp: (+65) 9785-3171



Master Robert Lee

HP/SMS/WhatsApp: (+65) 9835-5734


via E-mail (Expect a reply within 24 Hours):-

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you DO NOT hear from us within 24 HOURS after sending an e-mail:


In Singapore: Please call Cecil Lee (+65) 9785-3171 or Robert Lee (+65) 9835-5734 immediately.


If you are Overseas: You can either re-send using another e-mail &/or post a message on our forum at: Free Advice Forum

Apologies: There could be several reasons why your e-mail did not reach us: service provider(s) or treated as SPAM due to automatic junk filtering enabled on the mail server


via FREE Advice Forum

We have dedicated a Free Advice Forum with Master Cecil Lee constantly monitoring this forum. So any Free Advice or Questions regarding Feng Shui should be posted to our Dedicated Free Advice Forum for Master Cecil Lee attention.

Forum: Free Advice Forum


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